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Scott Levy aka Raven - Jewish Wrestler

One of the most endearing and entertaining wrestlers of his generation

Born: September 8, 1964 - Short Hills, New Jersey
Died: ---

As a young man Scott Levy, planned to become a lawyer, studying criminal justice at the University of Delaware. Plans changed and so he became one of the most legendary wrestlers of his generation.

In 1988, the 6'1", 244 pound Levy began his professional wrestling career in the Pacific Northwest as Scotty the Body, after being trained at the Monster Factory by Larry Sharpe.

What followed was a remarkably prolific career, which weaved its way through countless title matches and organizations. Whether wrestling under the moniker Scotty the Body, Johnny Polo, Johnny Flamingo or Raven, he blazed a trail through the ranks of the following organizations:

Global Wrestling Federation
World Championship Wrestling
United States Wrestling Association
World Wrestling Federation
Independent Wrestling
Extreme Championship Wrestling
Heartland Wrestling Association
World Wrestling Entertainment
NWA: Total Nonstop Action

His most controversial storyline involved a feud with the Sandman where during one match Raven tied him to a huge wooden cross, attempting to crucify him. Owing to the outrage over the incident Raven was forced to make an apology to the upset crowd.

His signature moves are The Russian Leg Sweep, Irish Whip to Corner into Clothesline, The Bulldog, Drop Toe Hold Into Standing Chair, Hardcore Weapons to the Head, Spinning Falling Clothesline, Thrust Kick and The Knee Lift.

Interesting Facts
  • Some of his favorite music includes Alice in Chains, The Stone Temple Pilots and Led Zeppelin.
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