Sinan "The Great Jew" - Jewish Pirate

Feared Jewish pirate and second in command to the infamous Barbarossa

Born: Late 15th-Early 16th Century - Turkey
Died: Unknown

Sinan, known as "The Great Jew," was second in command to famed 16th Century pirate Barbarossa. He was such a remarkable navigator that many believed he practice black magician.

When Spain hired forces to protect the Barbary Coast from Corsairs, Sinan led the battle against them, defeating the Genoan navy.

Later he commanded 6,000 troops against the fortress at Tripoli, Libya, eventually conquering the city. So angered by the resistance that held Tripoli, he "put the garrison --all save a few -- in chains, and carried them off to grace his triumph."

He eventually became the Supreme Ottoman naval commander.

Interesting Facts
  • The flag Sinan displayed on his ship featured a six pointed star called the Seal of Solomon.
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