Moses Henriques - Jewish Pirate

One of a handful of Jewish pirates who pulled off major heists, and he even established his own pirate island

Born: Late 16th or early 17th Century
Died: 17th Century

Moses Cohen Henriques was a pirate who, in 1628, along with Admiral Piet Hein of the Dutch West Indiana Co., pulled off a massive gold and silver heist from the Spanish. The two raided Spanish ships off the Cuban coast and seized the gold and silver that was destined for the New World.

Soon after, Henriques led a Jewish contingent to Brazil where he established his own pirate island. After Brazil's recapture by Portugal in 1654, Moses became an advisor to Henry Morgan, perhaps the most famous pirate of all. He was never caught and prosecuted for his crimes.

Interesting Facts
  • The total value of the haul from the Spanish raid was said to be approximately $1 billion USD in today's dollars.
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