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Simon Bar Giora - Ancient Jewish Military Leader

Roman Commemoration of Triumph Over Jewish Revolt

One of the main military leaders against the Romans during the Jewish revolt in Jerusalem culminating in the desruction of the second temple in 70 CE. Read On >>

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Abner "Longie" Zwillman – New Jersey Jewish Gangster

Bootlegger and racketeer who was known as the "Al Capone" of New Jersey.

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New Jersey Jewish Gangster

Violeta Yosifova Yakova – Resistance Fighter

Partisan and member of the Bulgarian anti-Nazi resistance

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 Resistance Fighter

Dmitriy Salita – Boxer

Dmitriy 'Star of David' Salita is a top junior welterweight prospect

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Fanya Baron – Jewish Anarchist/Revolutionary

Leading anarchist and revolutionary who was a political colleague of Emma Goldman

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 Jewish Anarchist/Revolutionary

Otto Raphael – Jewish NYPD Officer

Otto Raphael began boxing at an early age and went on to become one of the legends of the NYPD, befriending Theodore Roosevelt along the way

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 Jewish NYPD Officer